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ISCA Newsletter Winter 2015- Released 1/28/2015

  • Feature Article:   Trainers Gather at Annual Conference – ISCA trainers had another successful conference. If you are a trainer, you want to be here in August!
  • Form & Technique:   What Message Do You Want to Send? — The do’s and don’ts of throwing a punch
  • Nutrition:   Overcoming a Bad Memory – Try the mini-cabbage again
  • Recipe:   Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts
  • Renewing Your Certficiation:  
  • Products:   Kick box Training Package – Everything you need: manual, instructional DVD, music, jump rope, hand wraps, gloves, and punch mitts
  • Technical Talk:   ISCA Programs Align with ACSM’s Top 20 Fitness Trends of 2015 – ISCA has a number of programs and certifications that match or complement the top trends
  • New Programs:   Training Ropes – 8 hour certification that uses various size and weights of ropes

ISCA Newsletter Spring 2014– Released 7/7/2014

  • Feature Article:   Enhancing the Health & Fitness of Corporate America – How ISCA Trainers can make a difference in promoting exercise in the workplace
  • Form & Technique:   Glovin’ Up – The benefits of putting on gloves during a kickbox class
  • Nutrition:   Brain Booster Foods: More Than Just a Mind Game – Foods that keep you mentally fit!
  • Recipe:   Sweet Potato & Hempseed Dip
  • Renewing Your Certficiation:  
  • Products:   Boxing Gloves – ISCA offers two styles in two weights and in 2 colors
  • Technical Talk:   Obesity is Now a Disease – A brief summary of a panel discussion over the AMA labeling obesity as a disease
  • New Programs:   KettleBell Level II – Advanced teaching options for the next level of KB training

ISCA Newsletter Winter 2014 – Released 2/11/2014

  • Feature Article:   “Ring” in 2014 with New ISCA Programs
  • Brief history of growth of ISCA and new programs for 2014
  • Form & Technique:   Proper Hand Wrapping
  • 10 steps to properly wrap hands
  • Nutrition:   New Year Diet Resolution
  • Read to avoid addictive ingredients
  • Recipe:   Stuffed Cajun Chicken Breasts
  • Renewing Your Certficiation:  
  • Products:   Hand Wraps
  • ISCA offers four lengths
  • Technical Talk:   “Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults”
  • an overview of the book by Dr. Joseph Signorile
  • New Programs:   Kettle Bells Level I Certification

ISCA Newsletter Summer 2013– Released 11/11/2013

  • Feature Article:   Newsletter launch, naming of newsletter to honor Dr. Joe Signorile
  • Form & Technique:   Executing the perfect Round House Kick
  • Nutrition:   Quinoa, a Super Food because it is a complete protein
  • Recipe:   Quinoa, Black Bean & Corn Salad
  • Renewing Your Certficiation:   Accumulating 15 continuing education credits within two years, plus current CPR/AED certification. What credits are acceptable
  • Products:   Jump Rope, types and lengths, rhymthic swing
  • Technical Talk:   Posture Dysfunction and Compensation; Thoracic Flexion, Anterior Pelvic Tilt, Posterior Pelvic Tilt, Shoulder Disparity, Hip Disparity