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PlyoPAC “plyometrics” Instructor

Certification Description

The PlyoPAC Certification is a training program which combines plyometrics, precision power, agility, coordination and speed training into a seamless interval training system. The self-paced interval training nature of PlyoPAC allows each individual to get optimal benefit from the program by varying the contributions of the aerobic and anaerobic systems. This exciting new system incorporates ladders, ropes, weighted balls, cones, hurdles, steps, and other training tools to provide a high energy diverse workout that is both fun and challenging. PlyoPAC takes athletic drills and playground movements that we have all experienced since childhood, and blends them into a program that is both fun and effective.  PlyoPAC is power, agility, coordination type drills with equipment. (med balls, ladders, hurdles, jump ropes etc.).  The training includes hands-on practical sessions and requires passing a practical exam to receive ISCA PlyoPAC Instructor Certification.

Cost: $350
CEC: 8